Sunday Special #4: My Week in Review

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are having an amazing weekend. Mine has been fairly relaxing with my Saturday spent at home watching the first season of 2 Broke Girls which I borrowed from my friend (I’m loving it!) and my Sunday being all about cleaning, food shopping and cooking. I may have been on a date on Friday (just when I thought I would take a break from dating), but it was good to be out and talk about things other than finances. Yes, personal finance is all I can think and talk about lately.

Back to reality now. Let’s look at my spending this week.

Monday, 05 August
no spend day

Tuesday, 06 August
groceries -£2.00

Wednesday, 07 August
no spend day

Thursday, 08 August
groceries -£2.76

Friday, 09 August
dinner -£8.30*

Saturday, 10 August
no spend day

Sunday, 11 August
groceries -£17.45
personal care -£4.00

Total: -£34.51

* Since my date paid for our starter, main course and drinks in the restaurant, I offered to pay for our desert which we had in a small Italian coffee shop in Soho.

This week has been quite expensive. Wow, the “old me” used to spend about £100-£150 each week, but these days I think £35 is too much?! Things really change, don’t they?!

There were 2 things that increased my spending this week. Firstly, my date. I know I will start dating eventually, but I keep asking myself whether this is the right time. Not that I cannot afford to throw a couple of pounds towards the bill every now and then, but if this is going to be a regular thing I am looking at regular expenses that I am not sure I want to start budgeting for just yet (especially, not when I am “crash dieting“). Secondly, I spent more on groceries today as I bought some things in bulk. I didn’t want to spend £2.98 on 1kg of sushi rice, but since I make sushi at home quite regularly it makes more sense to buy more and save some cash in the long run (I used to buy 500gr of sushi rice for £1.82).

My homemade maki

                                 My homemade maki

I love sushi. Since I cannot afford to go to expensive Japanese restaurants, I started to make sushi at home. Technically, what I make is called maki (sushi rolls) and mine are exclusively vegetarian with avocado, cucumber and soft cheese. I’ve always wanted to learn how make sushi properly, so one of the first things I am going to do when I am debt free, is to attend a professional sushi making class!

Since the beginning of August I have made around £60 in side income. Now, I know this is not a lot, but I am a happy girl because there’s still time until the end of the month to make more money and two months ago my side income was a big fat zero! My new savings account has definitely seen some action recently.

As for my goals for the following week, I am going back to the gym tomorrow and the best thing is – I am not paying a penny!! I will write a separate post about this sometime next week. So, yes, my goal is to go to the gym at least 3 times next week and attend one class (I am thinking pilates). Also, no junk such as crisps and chocolate.

How has your week been? What are your goals for the coming week?



  1. Well done on a good week!

  2. I am intrigued by the fact that your date let you pay for the dessert! Every once and awhile there is a debate about dating and dating costs. Most American men/women tend to think that the gentleman pays for the first date-but that the lady should offer to pay…then he TURNS down the offer! However, as time goes on the costs tend to balance out depending on who asks asks who to do what. My best friend is British so I loved hearing about her dating adventures when she was single. It was a bit different (she also lives in London).

    1. I had a feeling this would be picked up on, Michelle 😉 When I first moved to the UK, it was a bit shocking to me that a woman would be expected to pay, whether it’s a first or a tenth date. Russian culture is a bit different, it’s very old-fashioned and where I come from men are expected to work and women raise children (Stone Age, I know, but this is how I was brought up with my Mum raising us kids and my Dad working). It took me a while to get used to the whole “going Dutch” thing but truth be told my English ex-boyfriends did not expect me to pay a lot, I’d say roughly we’d split the costs 75/25 where I would only chip in a little bit, if at all. That said, I still believe that a man should pay on a first date. Now this date on Friday, I’ve known the guy for a while now but kept declining his offers to go out. The reason I insisted on paying is because our restaurant bill was substantial and I just felt bad for the guy, plus it was my idea to go to that Italian coffee shop (which is cheap but oh so amazing).

  3. The maki are beautiful! Inspiring…

    1. They were yummy too! 🙂

  4. Good job on your “no spend” days….I love those!

    1. I love them too Holly, I wish I had more of those 😉

  5. Well done on your side income so far Eva and I must say your ‘maki’ looks scrummy! It’s a funny one with dating and who should pay for the meal isn’t it? Many years ago before I met my hubby, nearly every date I went on involved me going ‘halves’ on the bill even on the first date. But when I met my hubby he insisted on paying for a while and I did secretly enjoy being spoilt lol!

    1. I know, I secretly enjoy being spoilt too! 😉

  6. Hi Eva! I’m not sure if my comment got through earlier, so apologies if this is a duplicate! I just wanted to say well done on your side income so far this month! The ‘maki’ looks scrummy! It is funny about who should pay on dates. Before I met the hubby, I was always expected to go ‘halves’ when on dates but the hubby insisted on paying for a while (not now of course!). But I enjoyed it at the time!

    1. Hey 😉 How weird, I’ve found 3 (!) of your comments in my spam folder. So sorry, not sure what happened there! I’ll be checking it more often now! I don’t mind paying on a date if I feel like it, at the end of the day there are two people having fun and it’s not fair to expect that only one is paying all the time. Our next date is on Thursday, maybe I should suggest going for a walk instead, it’s free, lol! 😉

  7. Your rolls turned out great. They’re round and neat. Now you’re making me want sushi again and I already had a lot yesterday~^^

    1. It took time and practice to get them right, and still they make them a bit differently in restaurants. They are delicious either way though, I actually think I prefer my homemade ones 😉

  8. I think your spending looks great, but then again I spend way more this week. I’ve done a bit of home organizing, deep cleaning, and ant killing, so my week was a little costly. Yay on the date. Yeah I know what you mean about that because when I did a little dating back in in December my spending went up. It’s hard to not let that happen. Keep working that side income!

    1. It looks like you had an interesting week… ant killing, wow! I think dating can be a bit expensive in the beginning of a relationship when you go out eating and so on, but after a while I think it’s okay to suggest doing something that doesn’t cost a lot. I feel a bit uncomfortable offering to go for a walk along the river just yet, perhaps in a little while though 😉

  9. I should start implementing some no-spend days…

    And I loooove sushi, too! I’d love to learn to make my own!

    1. No spends days is a great idea, good luck with those 😉

  10. Great job on the no spend days and the side income!

    1. Thanks Laura! I’m happy with 3 no spend days, but I’ll try harder to bring more money in.

  11. I remember my single days and how expensive dating and going Dutch was lol. Congrats on getting yourself out there and into the dating game again 🙂 Your weekly spending updates are awesome. Kinda makes me want to track my spending again. Almost but not quite hehe 😛

    1. I actually enjoy being single. I’ve recently broken up with a guy, and I kinda decided to take a break for a little while and it’s been great! I’m not sure where this is all going with this guy (only time will tell), but I just feel that for the time being I want to keep debt repayment my main priority and focus on bringing more income in. Ahh, it’s a tough one! 😉

  12. What an improvement on spending! Gotta love those no spend days! I would really like to learn how to make those roll as well. No money right now for classes but soon. I like how you are tracking on a weekly.

    1. I love no spend days, it feels great to stay in control of my spending. Now I don’t feel the urge to spend every last penny that I’ve got, and I realised I can actually SAVE! 😉

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