1. I had my savings account for a long time, but that didn’t matter since I kept transfering the money back to the checking to spend it. Now I know better and learned from my mistake.

    1. For this very reason I didn’t bother to open one. Now I know better too.

  2. Well done! A savings account is a good idea, its really easy to transfer money out of them online though! We have 2 types of savings accounts, instant access and one which is fixed for 12 months so at the end of the 12 months we know we have a certain amount of money saved.

    1. One day I will add a fixed term savings account to my “account portfolio” 😉 I think I should have at least £1000 in savings to be able to apply for one. I just don’t have that much cash yet to lock away. Well done you! 😉

  3. Congratulations on opening your first savings account! I agree about not saving when you’re in debt. I used to try to put money into a Cash Isa monthly which was fruitless really as I kept dipping into it. Saying that we did pay for our wedding that way without getting into more debt so that was a bonus. Now we just have a small savings account which is our emergency fund. Well done on your side income too!

    1. This is great that you paid for your wedding in cash, these can be quite pricey! I will do my best not to dip into my savings account. I attached a goal to my savings account online and it’ll be great to see my money grow!

  4. I think it’s a good idea to have some savings even when you are making payments towards your debt. My own relationship has improved a great deal in the last year. I have a lot of separate buckets in my ING (capitol one) account so I can focus on specific goals. I also have another bank with an account to save for a car. Enjoy saving! 🙂

    1. Tonya, you’re rocking it! 😉 I am just happy I got to open my first savings account before the age of 30, somehow it was important to me!

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