What’s in My Shopping Basket

I have never been a fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to shopping for food. I like to physically go to the store and personally select my groceries. I have had to do food shopping online a couple of times and never experienced any major delivery issues; however, I enjoy spending time in the shop, price compare and see what is on offer. By doing shopping myself I also get to save on home delivery charges.

I do my food shopping every Sunday and stock up for the week ahead. I thought I would share what was in my shopping basket yesterday.

6 Tomatoes – £1.00
1 Cucumber – £0.50
Lettuce (x2 bags) – £1.00
Radish (x2 bags) – £1.00
Basmati rice 1kg – £1.78
Potatoes 1kg – £0.69
5 bananas – £0.62
1 pineapple – £1.00
Low calories tonic water (x2) – £0.78
Pita bread (x2 packs of six) – £1.00
Haloumi cheese – £2.36
Kettle crisps – £1.00
12 Free range Eggs – £1.98
Milk 4 Pints – £1.00
Frozen vegetables 1kg – £1.00
Baked beans (x3 tins) – £0.96

Total spent on food – £17.67

This list varies slightly each week as I also buy such staples as pasta and egg noodles as well as mushrooms, butter, pesto sauce and sun dried tomatoes to name a few. If I need to get more food during the week, I normally pop into the shop on my way home from work (not spending more that £5 a week on this).

In addition to my food shopping yesterday, I had to buy a couple of cleaning products and some personal care items totalling £6.62.

Do you prefer shopping online or in person? Do you set a food budget? What are your staple foods?



  1. I prefer going to the shops, my staples can vary but include milk, yoghurts, fruit and veg ( we have chickens for eggs and make our own bread) 🙂

    1. Wow, your own chickens! I don’t think I can pull this off in London 😉

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