Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 2013 Debt Repayment Update

I have been a busy bee these last couple of days. Yesterday I attended a horse racing event at the Goodwood Racecourse. I had never been before and, understandably, I was very much looking forward to it. Even though I did not bet (I am pretty sure I was the only one out there who […]

Sunday Special #3: my week in review

I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend! On Saturday I was out and about with my friend who was staying over the weekend. In the evening we stayed in and had a home cooked meal and watched a film. Today is another gorgeous day in London. Unless I go away for the weekend, […]

10 Ways to Cut Your Food Bill in Half

Since I made the decision to become debt free, I have been looking for ways to reduce my spending. Since the beginning of June, I have cut my food shopping bill in half and today I wanted to share with you all how I made this happen. 1. Make your shopping list I use an […]

When to Buy Your First Home?

I have previously mentioned that I own a property in my hometown, and today I would like to tell you a story of how I stepped up onto the property ladder at the age of 21 and whether this is something I regret doing. My parents have always been opposed to the idea of renting […]

Sunday Special #2: my week in review

Happy Sunday, friends! I wrote my first┬áSunday Special blog post back in June and I would like to make it a tradition where every Sunday I post my spending report along with an update on any challenges I set myself to accomplish and overall how well (or not) I am doing in terms of living […]

How I Began my Journey to Debt Freedom

My little blog is 2 months old today, and to celebrate this tiny milestone (why not? who doesn’t love celebrations!) I decided to write a blog post about how it all began. By all I mean my journey to debt freedom and financial independence, and I will talk about the baby steps I took to […]