No Spend Days

I have noticed that no spend days are very common in the personal finance community and almost every personal finance blogger has at least one or two no spend days each week. When I started budgeting in May this year, I set a small amount of cash aside for the week ahead that I could spend on whatever I wanted (i.e., coffee at Starbucks, a new notepad, a bar of chocolate). I realised quite quickly that if I wanted to stay within my budget, there was no way I could spend money every day, even if it was on something small.

I did not stop there. I created a spreadsheet of my daily spending and in additional to keeping all my receipts whenever I buy something, I update my spreadsheet regularly to see where my cash is going. I have had 3 no spend days in the first week of June and 4 days in the second. Although I am very pleased with this, I have decided to set myself with yet another challenge, to have 5 no spend days each week for the remainder of the month. This may not be something that I start practising every month, but I just want to see how far I can push myself 😉

Do you have any no spend days and if so, how many?



  1. Wow, congrats on having 3 and 4 no spend days! I think 3 days in a row was my maximum no spend days so far. Good luck with 5 no spend days! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment GMD 🙂 3 days in a row is hard, but at the same time it becomes a bit like a game I guess and you want to see whether you can push it a day further… or maybe two 😉

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