Sunday Special #1: my week in review

never give up on a dreamHappy Sunday, friends! I cannot believe how fast time flies and tomorrow is a start of yet another week in the office!

As to my finances, I think I have done pretty well this week. I am still getting used to the idea of living on a budget and I am constantly looking for ways to change my spending habits and become more frugal. I have spent an extra £3.95 on food shopping this week (mainly on chocolate and biscuits as I’ve been having incredible cravings for something sweet) which was not part of the plan as I was hoping to stick to my £20/w on food plan. But fear not, to compensate for that extra bit spent on chocolate this week, I will only be spending £16 on food next week. Wish me luck! 😉

I have also found more ways to help me save money on a daily basis, and here are a few of them:

  • I do my food shopping every Sunday at ASDA and stock up for the week ahead (I have a huge 24-hour ASDA just down the road). I always have a grocery list that I stick to (I use an app on my iPhone to create it) and I always shop on a full stomach to avoid impulse buying. I also meal plan, so I never buy food that I won’t get to use.
  • Due to the nature of my work, I attend cocktail receptions and gala dinners at least once a week after work. This week I had a lovely 3-course dinner at ME Hotel in Central London. This is definitely a bonus as I do not have to make dinner at home that evening and I get to enjoy the beautiful food at most exclusive and prestigious venues in London for free. It’s a win-win!
  • I no longer use expensive foundation, I used to buy Clinique foundation and I loved it. But drastic times call for drastic measures, so I now use L’Oreal which is much cheaper. Same goes for my hair spray and shampoo & conditioner, every product I buy is £1.00 each. I have to say that my hair is naturally healthy and not fussy at all, so I can get away with it.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and got to save tons of money 😉



  1. Good luck with your £16 budget this week – I’m sure you can do it….hopefully you have gala dinner this week too 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura! My food shopping was just under £15 today, so I guess it can be done 😉 Unfortunately, no sit-down dinners next week, but I’ve got two hotel visits which means plenty of food and drinks, and no cooking at home. Thank you for stopping by 😉

  2. Great work with your food budget! Food is such a huge expense if you aren’t careful right…but it means that there are loads of ways to save in that area by being smart and savvy! Do you have any good, cheap recipes you could share?
    Also, it can be a bit tough cracking down on the nice cosmetics and things, but it does have to be done. That said, I have recently splashed out on some MD Perricone products for my skin as I am really looking to improve it…I have done my research about his products and read his book so hopefully I have invested wisely in this time of trying to be frugal ha. Have a great week – good luck with your spending!

    1. Well… in all honesty, I am not a great cook. I’ve started experimenting in the kitchen quite recently. I’ve got a friend who is amazing at cooking and baking, she comes over from time to time and shares her wisdom with me! I am getting better each week and I cook meals at home pretty much every day now and I love it! My specialty is mushroom risotto. Oh, did I mention I am a vegetarian? I’ve never been a fan of either meat or fish, so I cut it out from my diet completely about 5 years ago. I also love penne (pasta) with pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. I make stir fries too, I normally use egg noodles, vegetable stir fry mix and thai sauces (my favourite is with coriander and coconut, it’s yummy!). From time to time I make spaghetti in homemade mushroom sauce. I love pineapples and normally have them for desert. I’ll put a couple of recipes up soon, it’ll be great to share the knowledge 😉

  3. oh, I forgot to say – I really love that picture quote you posted, It is so true, and often remind myself of this – no matter what, the time will pass away and tick over, whether you take action or not.

    1. I love it too! I wish I had started doing things I’ve always wanted to do a long time ago, but I’d get discouraged as it could take a long time to cross the finish line. No more excuses, I might as well start now… 😉

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