This Month’s Challenge

I got paid on Friday and this month I am putting £580 towards my debt (this includes £215 that I owe my Mum – I wanted to pay her before I start making any additional payments towards my debt). Done and ticked off my list!

I have not started aggressively attacking my credit card debt just yet (the first payment is due to come out on August 1st). The reason is that I booked my summer holiday back in April and since I had already paid for my flights I did not want to cancel. After all, this would be my last holiday in quite a while now and I decided that I should go. I have budgeted £325 towards accommodation and spending money for seven nights (we are going to Italy) which will come out of my next salary at the end of June.

As for this month, I have decided to challenge myself to “£20/week on groceries” and I am proud to report that I have done my weekly food shop today having spent £20.73 in total (this includes Bold Laundry Detergent Gel £4.00 and conditioner for my hair £1.00). Let’s see how I get on!



  1. Italy sounds wonderful! What part of Italy are you going to?

    1. I will spend most of my time in Rome, I love the city, it’s so beautiful! I will also get to visit Naples, Sorrento and Pompei. I can’t wait to go! 😉

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